Friday, January 2, 2009


“When life throws you lemons, it’s time to make lemonade”; or so it was for the Rincon Farmers Market in 2008 (first started in October). And what a better cliché than this for a market focused on local ecological farming produce and artisanal foods.

This past year we were put to the test with the Municipality pulling funding so, we have been holding a raffle at each market where the winner gets a gourd full of homemade breads, medicinal salves, fruits and vegetables, as well as handmade artisan goods. We are also beginning a flea market where we are accepting donations of items in good condition to sell for the future of the market. Our hope with these activities is to raise a sufficient amount of money for the purchase of a tarp large enough to cover our 10+ vendors and their produce from the sun. We also hope that with our efforts and the growing success of the market that someone will come forward with a permanent home or a donation of a tarp until we have the ability to move into the next step.

The last market of 2008 was blessed by the music of Fernandito Ferrer, who can now be seen every Thursday at Bunger's in Rincon, as well as a children’s workshop and information on green roofs and sustainable architecture.

We have put a proposal out to both Westernbank and the Cooperativa of Rincon to ask for their collaboration through the use of their tents for the markets use on the first and third Sundays of each month from 8am-1pm in the Plaza of Rincon. So far the Cooperativa has been an amazing support and we are getting really good at learning how to mount and dismount tarps. Unfortunately, both have turned down the proposals and won't be able to help.

2009 holds a great amount of positive change, of this I am sure. We will continue to support local agriculture through these types of healthy activities and can’t wait to hear from locals about their experiences with the market.